Welcome Back – September 2022

Two young girls are pictured sat together on a carpeted area in a classroom, reading some picture storybooks together.

Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope that you have had an enjoyable summer break and that the children are all ready to return back to school. We are looking forward to welcoming them back and also meeting any children who are joining us for the first time. Please find some information below about the return to school for September.


Our Nursery children will return on Monday 5th September. Nursery children will need to arrive from 8.30am and can be picked up at the Nursery gate for 3pm at home time. We have sent out some extra play and stay dates for Nursery parents to help their children settle in when they return in September and these would have been emailed separately. If you require more information about these then please contact the academy office.

Reception Class

For parents of our new Reception class children, you will still be having meetings with Miss Hartung on Thursday 1st September as planned and the children will be able to attend their half day sessions on Friday 2nd September. Our Reception children will then start full time from Monday 5th September.

Morning Drop-Off

Our children in Years 1 – 6 will return to school on Friday 2nd September.

Our school gates will open at 8.30am on both sides of the school as normal and will close at 8.45am for morning registration. Any child that arrives after this time will need to be signed in by parents through the office. If a child is left unattended at the office after being dropped off late, parents will be phoned and asked to come into the office to sign them in.

End of Day Pick-Up

At the end of the day, all children (apart from Nursery) will need to be picked up at 3.15pm from both side gates please. We will be opening two gates to ease the flow at home time for the KS2 side. One gate will be used to dismiss Year 3 & 4, the other will be used for Year 5 & 6.

PE Days

Children will still be able to wear their PE kit into school on their PE days (please see below). Children should be wearing the PEPA yellow PE t-shirt and a navy or black tracksuit. Children should not be wearing glitter or sequined PE kit as well as no big slogans. If teachers deem PE kits to be inappropriate, children and parents will be spoken to and children may have to change into their kit in school rather than attending school in their kit.

  • Nursery – Wednesday
  • Reception Class – Tuesday
  • Year 1 – Thursday
  • Year 2 – Tuesday
  • Year 3 Marcus Rashford – Monday
  • Year 3 Walt Disney – Thursday
  • Year 4 – Friday
  • Year 5 – Monday
  • Year 6 – Wednesday

Uniform Expectations

All children from Nursery to Year 6 should be wearing the appropriate uniform as stated on our website. If there are any difficulties in obtaining any of the appropriate uniforms, please do approach a member of SLT so that we are able to advise or assist. If children do not wear appropriate school shoes, they will be asked to change into school plimsolls during the day and parents will be informed.

As per our policy, please ensure that hair is neat and tidy. Long hair should be tied back (past shoulder length). If long hair is not tied back, pupils will be asked to tie their hair up and parents will be informed. We expect moderate hair styles, no extreme cuts such as shaven markings, skinhead. If in any doubt please ask a member of SLT.

With regards to jewellery, one pair of stud earrings and a wrist watch may be worn. Smart watches may be worn, but must be in school mode and these need to be removed for PE. School staff are unable to remove earrings, but the child may cover their earrings with tape if they are unable to remove them themselves. We would prefer all earrings removed for PE, due to health and safety and children will miss out on PE lessons if they have earrings in without tape.


Thank you to the parents who have already responded to the academy office in regards to the use of the minibus. We will continue to pick up and drop off at the local bus stop in Stoke as we did in terms 5 and 6 last academic year. The first pick up is at 8.20am and the second pick up is at 8.35am and it will be first come first served for these in the morning. We will notify you separately in regards to whether your child will be on the first or second minibus run on the way home so you will know what time to expect them at home time.

Co-Curricular Clubs

We will be writing to you next week in regards to signing the children up for any co-curricular clubs this term and the clubs will start from the week beginning Monday 12th September.

Breakfast and After School Club

Breakfast and After School Club will resume from Friday 2nd September and if you would like to sign your child/children up for a place to attend either of these then please contact the academy office as soon as possible. Both run from Monday to Friday each week.

For Breakfast Club, you can drop off your children from 7.45am each morning or before the start of the school day. Food and drinks for the children will be provided. Children will be able to complete a range of different activities in the morning and may also want to do some reading or look over their homework. We are happy to accommodate different weeks and days as required. You will be sent an invoice for payment at £3 per day. If payment is not received within the requested timescale, then your child/children will no longer be able to attend.

Our After School Club runs from 3pm-5.30pm. Children will be provided with drinks and snacks, including a sandwich/wrap as well as a range of activities. The cost will be £9 per full session per child and if they only stay for half the session then this will be charged at £6 per child. You will be invoiced for payment and if ipayment is not received within the requested timescale, then your child/children will no longer be able to attend. Children can be picked up at any time after 3pm until 5.30pm and do not need to stay the whole time.

Senior Leadership Team

A member of the Senior Leadership Team will be on the school gates every morning. We have an open door policy for you to come to speak to us, however on some occasions appointments will need to be made. Mrs Drogomirecki is our SENCO so please ensure all queries related to SEN are directed to her. We value hearing feedback from the community on how we can further develop the academy.

  • Mrs Rimmer – Principal
  • Miss Heard – Vice Principal
  • Miss Theobald – Assistant Principal
  • Mrs Drogomirecki – SENCO and Assistant Principal

There will be some further information coming out to you in the first few weeks back so please watch out for these letters as well as dates for both Terms 1 and 2 so that you have events such as Christmas Nativities well in advance.

Kind Regards,

Mrs L Rimmer