Science Week: Home Challenge Competition

A young girl can be seen smiling whilst looking down at her desk to write something in her exercise book.

Dear Parents/Carers,

As we have done in previous years, here at PEPA we will be having a Science Week from 27th – 31st March 2023. This year’s theme from British Science Week is ‘Connections’ and in school we will be completing investigations linked to this theme.

This year, we will also be having a challenge to be completed at home, which has been introduced to the children in an assembly last week.

The challenge is, “How can you create the most interesting shaped bubble?”

All bubbles want to take up the smallest space and will return to being a circular bubble once blown. However, many interesting bubbles can be created within a space. A quick internet search shows many ways in which shaped bubbles can be created – including making a bubble in a bubble! Weblinks will be shared on Tapestry and Google Classroom to give you some ideas.

Challenges need to be completed by Monday 27th March. Photos or videos of your completed challenges need to be shared with class teachers via Tapestry or Google Classroom. Children will then have the opportunity to share their challenge photos and videos with the children in their class.

Their ideas will be judged by myself as Science lead and there will be prizes for the most inventive and creative bubbles. There will be a prize for the winning idea in EYFS/KS1 and a prize for the winning idea in KS2. All children who take part will receive a British Science Week certificate and a sticker.

We look forward to seeing and sharing your wonderful ideas in Science Week.

Happy Bubble Making!

Kind Regards,

Miss Hartung
Reception Class Teacher & Science Lead