School Council – 14th Sept 2022

Two young girls are pictured smiling together whilst reading a large picture storybook.

Dear Parents and Carers,

School Council

At Peninsula East Primary Academy, we have a school council with representatives from each class in Year 1 to Year 6. Our Nursery and Reception classes are represented by Year 6 pupils, who will share their ideas and feedback to them from the meetings. Being a School Council Representative is a responsible position and the children involved will play a very important part in developing Peninsula East Primary Academy for the better. 

Our School Council Representatives are voted for by the pupils in their class at the start of the school year. We have two council members in each class in Years 1-6. Could your child be one of our School Council Representatives? If so, they should prepare something to share with their class this Friday (16th September) to share why they think they would be a great representative. This could be a poster, a speech or something else – you can be as creative as you like! The children will then vote for who they would like to represent them. Representatives will be announced in assembly on Tuesday 20th September and our first meeting will be on Wednesday 21st September.

As well as this, our Year 6 pupils will have their first opportunity to apply to be a Head boy and Head girl as well as a Deputy for each too and these will stand as our school council representatives for Year 6 in this role. The children who undertake these roles will be able to work with Mrs Rimmer and the rest of the Senior Leadership team to run assemblies, meet with Governors and be involved in decisions for the whole school too. It is a very exciting opportunity! Year 6 pupils will receive a special job specification to apply for these very special roles.

About Our School Council

The school council is about:

  • Learning to work together
  • Learning about democracy
  • Learning how to play a positive role in our community

The council’s aim is to enable the children to make a positive contribution to the way in which the school functions. The children’s ideas and concerns are listened to and the meetings are minuted and shared with the rest of the school. Children’s views are taken seriously and acted upon where possible.

We will work with the children to create the meeting agendas, and this is discussed in each class before the official meeting takes place. This way, School Council Representatives are able to bring the opinions of their peers to the meeting. 

Within the School Council, there are a number of roles.

  • Secretary 
  • Treasurer
    These children are responsible for writing charity day letters and counting money raised. 
  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
    These children are responsible for taking minutes and will get the opportunity to engage with the Junior Peninsula Council. This is a meeting of school council representatives from across the Hoo Peninsula and these will take place three times per year. 

We look forward to hearing from our potential School Council Representatives in our classrooms next week.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Heard & Miss Goldfinch