Welcome to Oliver Jeffers Class!

Our class has been named after children’s author and illustrator Oliver Jeffers. He was born in Australia in 1977.  He is the writer behind stories such as, ‘How to Catch a Star’, ‘Lost and Found’ and ‘Stuck’.

Our theme for this term will be based around ‘How We Organise Ourselves’’. We can use this to help us become familiar with our wider community and the world around us. We will learn alot about people who help us as well as about the church and key places within in our community.

EYFS Curriculum
Grey 'Function' key with "How does it work?" written on it.
Grey 'Responsibility' key with "What is our responsibility?" written on it.

Our central idea is: ‘’Organisations exist to improve communities.’

This will be divided into 3 key lines of inquiry as outlined below.

How does our community work? (Function)

How do communities work together? (Connection)

How have communities changed overtime? (Change)

Central Idea: Organisations exist to improve communities.

Core texts

  • Goldilocks
  • A Superhero Like You
  • Doctorsaurus
  • The Jolly Christmas Postman
  • Christmasaurus


  • We will continue the formal teaching of phonics using the Phonics International Programme.
  • We will introduce the new sounds: h r m d g o u l ll f ff ss b j y
  • We will use these sounds to read and write words and some simple sentences.


  • In our Maths sessions, we will focus on the numbers 1 – 5. The children will subitise, find one more and one less as well as develop their knowledge of the composition of number.

Understanding the World

  • A large part of this module will centre around ‘Understanding the World’.
  • We will be learning about our community and organisations that exist within it. We will have visits from external organisations, such as the police force, to help with our understanding.

Expressive Arts and Design

  • This module we will experiment with a range of artistic techniques and mediums.
  • We will work on colour mixing with paint as well as pencil control when drawing.
  • There will be opportunities to use fabrics to create uniforms for people who help us as well as construction materials to build emergency vehicles and buildings.
Module 2 KNowledge Organiser as a PDF

International Baccalaureate: Primary years programme

As part of the IB PYP, we have the six transdisciplinary themes that help teachers to develop a programme of inquiry into these important concepts. Each term, we focus on one of these themes, this term is ‘Who We Are’. 

In EYFS this means understanding our role within our families, our friends and our communities.  There are many advantages of learning through inquiry, one of these being that children can explore key themes and concepts through contemporary, engaging and transdisciplinary learning.

Below are the six transdisciplinary themes that are covered throughout the year by the whole school:

  • Who we are
  • Where we are in place and time
  • How we express ourselves
  • How the world works
  • How we organize ourselves
  • Sharing the planet

In EYFS, we cover four transdisciplinary themes with an additional one which will be covered across the year.

What can you do at home to help?

  • Tapestry App: Through Tapestry, you will have the opportunity to view your child’s learning at school.  We would really love parents to also upload observations from home, so that we can have a holistic approach towards your child’s learning journey. 
  • Homework: This module, children will receive a short practical Maths task alongside their phonics and reading on a Friday. 
  • Reading: We would encourage the children to read for at least 5 to 10 minutes a day. This can be a mixture of their school reading book and books/comics that they already have at home. Once your child has read please record this in their reading log so that we can celebrate this with them. We will change books on a Monday, Wednesday and FridayPlease can reading books always be kept in your child’s zipped folder and brought to school each day.
  • PE will be taught on a Monday. Please make sure your child comes into school in their PE kit. Please note that earrings should be taken out at home or taped over for PE.

We look forward to working with you and your child over this academic year. 

Miss Hartung and Mrs Sherman