Welcome to Beatrix Potter Class!

Our class has been named after the well-known children’s author Beatrix Potter. She was born in London in 1842. She is the writer behind all the Peter Rabbit stories which were inspired by her love of nature.

A black and white image of Beatrix Potter (left) and her Rough Collie - Kep (right)

We will be continuing our lines of inquiry through this theme.  We can use this to help us get to know each other over the first Modules. Our focus will be on human relationships, including families, friends, communities and cultures.

Our central idea is: ‘Central Idea: Living beings often express themselves in a variety of ways.’

Grey 'Function' key with "How does it work?" written on it.
Grey 'Responsibility' key with "What is our responsibility?" written on it.

As part of the IB PYP, we have the six (Reception covers four of these throughout the year) transdisciplinary themes that help teachers to develop a programme of inquiry into these important concepts. Each term, we focus on one of these themes, this module we will be continuing our theme  ‘Who We Are’.

Below are the six transdisciplinary themes that are covered throughout the year by the whole school:

  • Who we are
  • Where we are in place and time
  • How we express ourselves
  • How the world works
  • How we organise ourselves
  • Sharing the planet

In EYFS this means understanding our role within our families, our friends and our communities.  There are many advantages of learning through inquiry, one of these being that children can explore key themes and concepts through contemporary, engaging and transdisciplinary learning.

Some of our lines of inquiry will be:

  • To develop an awareness of different signs and symbols used in communities
  • How do we celebrate

What can you do at home to help?

  • Tapestry App: through Tapestry, you will have the opportunity to view your child’s learning at school.  We would really love parents to also upload observations from home, so that we can have a holistic approach towards your child’s learning journey. 
  • Homework: Children will be given a family learning menu with a selection of challenges to have a go at. It would be wonderful if you can support the children with this and share their work once complete on Tapestry. The homework menu can be accessed at the bottom of this page.
  • Reading: We would encourage the children to read for at least 5 to 10 minutes a day. This can be a mixture of their school reading book and books/comics that they already have at home. Once your child has read please record this in their reading log so that we can celebrate this with them. We will change books on a Monday and FridayPlease can reading books always be kept in your child’s school bag.
  • PE will be taught on a Wednesday. Please make sure your child comes into school in their PE kit. Please note that earrings should be taken out at home or taped over for PE.

We look forward to working with you and your child over this academic year.

Mrs Elliott, Mrs Elsworth, Mrs Birchfield and Miss Purvis

Drawing of Beatrix Potter's character Peter Rabbit

Module 3 (06/01/22 - 10/02/22) - Sharing The Planet

This module our focus will be on living things, well-being, growth, self and change. To end our unit of inquiry, we will be exploring the sustainability of our planet’s resources and how we can recycle and reuse these.

Module 4

This module Beatrix Potter Class have been looking at similarities and differences within their families? How does our behaviour impact others? (linking into our  work in M1/2).  Why are rules necessary and how do we use them? How do we reach agreements? Rules and routines/jobs for home, school council, school, local  community and wider community? We reached agreements by voting and discussing and reflecting on the best way to do this.  The children have all taken on a role within the class environment and know the responsibilities for them.  

The children have been very excited to welcome lots of different staff, parents and volunteers to visit them to discuss their job roles and how these role’s impact on the local community/uk/globally.  

Having received all these visitors and discussed their roles, the children used their digital skills  and Book Creator to make a class book about their future aspirations. 

The children have also explored colour mixing and have also looked at the artist Vincent Van Gogh, and in particular, his Sunflowers Series.  The children have created their own pictures, using thick paint (impasto) and bold strokes to develop texture, taking inspiration from this series.

Module 5 - How we Express Ourselves

Over the next two modules as our inquiry unfolds we will take a closer look at a variety of artists, performances, stories and how we express ourselves through these mediums (some different to our own). The Learner Profile focus will be focused on Open-Minded, Communicator and Inquirer.

Over the next two modules of our unit we will plant lots of seeds, plants and link them to artists and stories (it is the perfect time for making authentic links with what is going on outside the classroom!)  We have identified and shared our own family experiences and traditions. The children had discussed how they helped in some way to plant various crops and flowers and made connections with their own experiences of this.  The children will also explore a variety of traditional stories which they vote for on a daily basis.  The children will take turns to select two books to be voted for the next day. The children have begun to share some of the experiences and traditions connected to their own family’s customs. They made connections between our inquiry and their own experiences which we will discuss, observe and take part in.  


Job fact

Find a fact about your chosen job that you can share with the class.

Can you write this fact?

Create your own mode of transport that you would use for your chosen job.

Make some transport to decorate the classroom- can you describe the shapes you have used? What 3D shapes can you recognise?

 If you were doing your chosen job what would you take to work?

Make a list of items or objects you would take with you if you were to do this job!!  

Can you take photos/draw a picture of the place you would like to work e.g. police station/fire station.

Paint a picture of where you would like to work?

Think about what colours you may use. Either upload your picture to Tapestry or send in to show at school.

Design your own uniform/clothes for your chosen job.

Can you draw and label your own ? What is your alien’s name? What colour are you using? Does your alien have a pattern? Can you describe the pattern?

Can you interview your parent about their job?

Where do they work?
What do they do?
Record it and upload to Tapestry or send it in to school.

Using the numbers 1-10 can you make a list of 10 different jobs you would like to do.

Either upload to Tapestry or send in to school.

Your Choice

Choose anything you would like to do relating to the topic ‘Space’.

Family Learning - How do we organise ourselves

Above is a list of Family Learning (homework) options for this half term around the theme of How we organise ourselves.  Please talk to your child to decide which activity you would like to do together each week. Parents/carers are welcome to scribe for children and share what you have learnt about together, and it would be lovely to see children’s input on every page through drawings, scribed quotes or some writing. Family Learning should be either upload to Tapestry.  In addition to this, teachers will share the phonic sounds and words of the week in the back of the homework book for you to view and practise at home.