The School Day

Readiness to learn starts when pupils line up in the playground at the start of the academy day. We ensure pupil safety and wellbeing promote an environment where pupils are alert and consistently ready to commence learning at any point during the academy day.

Before arriving at school all pupils will:


  1. Eat breakfast or leave home with enough time to eat at breakfast club
  2. 1 x water bottle – full
  3. Book Bag
  4. Home / Academy Link Book

Each day children will spend time learning the basic skills in:

  • English (including listening and speaking, reading, handwriting, creative writing and spelling). In order to develop pupils’ reading skills we use Read, Write Inc.
  • Mathematics (including number, shape and space and problem solving and reasoning).

During each week they will spend time:-

  • Learning scientific skills of investigation, observation and exploration
  • Participating in a variety of activities including; Technology, Art, Craft and Design, constructive and imaginative play.
  • Using the environment.
  • Enjoying Music, Dance, Drama, Literature and Poetry.
  • Working on a termly cross-curricular theme (this may include History and Geography).
  • Using Information Communication Technology (ICT) in its own right, as well as when appropriate as part of other subjects.
  • Taking part in Assemblies, experiencing religious and moral stories and ideas.
  • Participating in physical activities, games, movement, dance, gymnastics and swimming.

Teachers develop themes and plan activities according to the ages and abilities of the children within each year group and each class. You will receive an outline of these plans at the beginning of each term to enable you to help your child with research etc.

Assemblies are held each day at various times.