Our aim within Peninsula East Primary Academy is to ensure that pupils become confident and inquisitive mathematicians throughout their academic journey.  We ensure that the children are learning through the CPA (concrete, pictorial and abstract) approach so that the children develop a deeply embedded knowledge of understanding towards the mathematics that they use. Through our use of the maths mastery approach, we ensure that children acquire a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of mathematics. We actively encourage the children to apply their mathematics across a variety of subjects, not just in mathematical lessons.  

At our academies, we place a large emphasis on number skills and place value, making sure they are fluent in their use of the four operations using a variety of mental and written methods.  Each lesson is guided through our development into the maths mastery programme and we look to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to make use of mathematical fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills.  

The purpose of the use of the CPA approach is one, which has shown repeatedly that children have a deeper understanding of the mathematics that they are using. The concrete objects allow the children to act out the skills they are trying to replicate through the use of manipulatives such as Numicon, Place Value Counters etc.  Following on from this, the children then move onto the use of pictorial representations, which could include the use of part – part whole models or bar models to represent problems.  Finally, they use the abstract representations to show they have an understanding of formal methods making use of symbols.  

The implementation of our curriculum follows the White Rose Maths curriculum, which is in line with the National Curriculum for Mathematics, using each lesson as an opportunity to break down key areas of mathematics into smaller steps, making them easier for the children to understand as they continue to build their knowledge.

The use of the White Rose Maths curriculum also supports the academies on their journey to mastery as it makes inherent use of five key areas to support the learning of the children; these are: coherence, representation and structure, mathematical thinking, fluency and variation.


With reference to the use of the four operations, the children within our academies make regular use of a website called Times Tables Rockstars. On this website, the children are actively challenged to show their knowledge and understanding of times tables and division tables through regular competitions; including a Medway competition every term!

You can also find some helpful videos created by our staff here:

You can also find some useful information on the Maths Remote Learning: Parent Support page here.