Pupil Premium Expenditure 2021/22

This statement details our school’s use of pupil premium (and recovery premium for the 2021 to 2022 academic year) funding to help improve the attainment of our disadvantaged pupils.  It outlines our pupil premium strategy, how we intend to spend the funding in this academic year and the effect that last year’s spending of pupil premium had within our school.  The total budgeted cost is £75,320.

School overview

School name

Peninsula East Primary Academy

Number of pupils in school


Proportion (%) of pupil premium eligible pupils

30.9% (68 pupils)

Academic year/years that our current pupil premium strategy plan covers (3 year plans are recommended)


Date this statement was published

September 2021

Date on which it will be reviewed

September 2022

Statement authorised by

Lorna Rimmer

Pupil premium lead

Lorna Rimmer

Governor / Trustee lead

Disadvantaged pupil progress scores for last academic year







Strategy aims for disadvantaged pupils

This explains the outcomes we are aiming for by the end of our current strategy plan, and how we will measure whether they have been achieved.



Meeting expected standard at KS2

Achieving high standard at KS2



Priority 1

Ensure that all staff in KS1 have accessed training with the Medway Maths Hub around Early Number and that in working with the hub Teaching for Mastery is embedded in all year groups.

Priority 2

Ensure that all staff are proficient in the use of Phonics International to enable them to deliver the phonics scheme effectively.

Barriers to learning these priorities address

Ensuring staff use evidence-based whole – class teaching interventions.

Projected spending


Teaching priorities for current academic year


Target & Target date

Progress in Reading

Achieve National average progress scores in KS2 Reading – July 2022

Progress in Writing

Achieve National average progress scores in KS2 Writing – July 2022

Progress in Mathematics

Achieve average KS2 mathematics progress score – July 2022


Achieve national average expected standard in PSC – July 2022


A good proportion of children to meet the expected standard in the Year 4 Multiplication check – July 2022

Targeted academic support for current academic year



Priority 1

Buy and embed targeted tutoring for Key stage 2 pupils in both maths and reading to ensure that disadvantaged children make rapid progress.

Priority 2

Establish small group interventions for phonics and mathematics for disadvantaged pupils falling behind age-related expectations.

Barriers to learning these priorities address

Encouraging wider reading, catch-up in mathematics and parents attending curriculum workshops – typically an area of weakness.

Projected spending


Wider strategies for current academic year



Priority 1

Embed the whole school Thrive approach to address pupil well-being and engagement in learning.

Priority 2

Ensuring our FLO has a termly offer of events to parents and children to further support them inside and outside of school.

Barriers to learning these priorities address

Improving attendance and readiness to learn for the most disadvantaged pupils.

Projected spending


Monitoring and Implementation

Area & Measure

Mitigating action

Ensuring that staff CPD is targeted and that enough time is given over to allow for staff professional development.

Use of INSET and PDM time to ensure that CPD is focussed.

Targeted support
Ensuring that staff have enough time to facilitate tutoring after school.

Rota teachers on a termly basis so that time is fairly shared between them.

Wider strategies
Engaging our families facing the biggest challenges.

Our FLO to work closely with our families as well as using local links from Medway to support them.