Google Classroom


Google Classroom can be accessed as the following;

  • downloaded as an app on the App Store on a mobile device
  • accessed in a web browser at the address –
  • Visiting and signing in (with your children’s log in details that you will receive). Then select the icon in the blue circle and Google Classrooms is in the red circle.

Once you have located Google Classrooms, your child will be asked to sign in.


  1. Sign in using your child’s Google login details (which will be sent home today).
  2. Click ‘I am a student’ button if your child has not used Google Classroom before. 
  3. Click on the “+” symbol in the top right hand corner.
  4. Select “Join Class”.
  5. Enter the class code that will be shared with you on Class Charts.

Please note that once your child has joined a Google Classroom once, they do not need to keep rejoining it.


Using Google Classroom

There are three areas for Google Classroom; stream, classwork and people.

  • Stream – this is like a feed you would find on social media platforms. Members of the classroom can write comments here. Other updates are included in the feed like when a new piece of work has been set.
  • Classwork – this is where you will find information about work being set and any other attachments.
  • People – this is where you can see who else has joined the classroom

Classroom drive

If your child is asked to complete a piece of work on a Google app such as Google docs, the work that your child will be set by their teacher will automatically be saved into their personal Google drive. This can be accessed by clicking on the green, yellow and blue triangle icon which is shown below.

In your child’s Google drive, there will be a folder named Classroom-Class name which will have all of their work in. It is important that any online work completed is saved into this folder as it allows your child’s teacher to access learning that is being completed at home. 

Google Classroom expectations

  • When commenting or taking part in discussions on the stream, please make sure you are being courteous to others. Children have had discussions in their classroom with regards to being kind towards each other whilst using Google Classroom there it would be great if you as their parent/carer could also reiterate that expectation with them.
  • The stream is only to be used for education purposes only. There may be times where your child’s teacher will want feedback from their students or will post certain educational material that would be useful to use at home. If you do, however, have a specific question that needs to be addressed separately, please use the right channels to receive your answer. 
  • Children are asked to engage in their learning- whether that being with their peers or their teacher. Additionally, children are aware that they are able to post questions related to their learning if they would like help or advice from others.
  • Please can you and/or your child check their Google Classroom for stream updates and work submissions daily as work will be assigned to each student on a regular basis.


download a Guide to Google Classroom for Students