Modern Foreign Languages

At Peninsula East Primary Academy we teach French as our chosen foreign language.

We believe that it is important to immerse the children in modern foreign languages at an early age so as to open their minds to language learning and to broaden their understanding of grammatical structures. This enables children to build confidence in their language skills, before beginning formal language learning in Key Stage Two. Introducing foreign languages at a young age also enables children to develop an appreciation of other languages and cultures.

Throughout Key Stage One, language is introduced to the children in the form of games or through activities such as the morning register. Children learn basic greetings and begin to use these in their daily routine.

Formal language teaching begins in Key Stage Two, where children are taught a range of vocabulary through speaking, listening, reading and writing activities. The activities include songs, structured activities, group games and interactive software to develop confidence in language learning.

When teaching languages we aim to focus on the skills. This supports a smooth transition primary to secondary school, where children may be required to learn different languages to those they have been learning. We are committed to developing confidence in learning languages and showing children the importance of communicating in different languages.

Useful websites for learning key words and phrases:

1 – un

2 – deux

3 – trois

4 – quatre

5 – cinq

6 – six

7 – sept

8- huit

9 – neuf

10 – dix

11 – onze

12 – douze

13 – treize

14 – quatorze

15 –  quinze

16 – seize

17 – dix-sept

18 – dix-huit

19 – dix-neuf

20 – vingt

21 – vingt et un

22 – vingt-deux

25 – vingt-cinq

30 – trente

31 – trente et un

Monday – lundi

Tuesday – mardi

Wednesday – mercredi

Thursday – jeudi

Friday – vendredi

Saturday – samedi

Sunday – dimanche

red – rouge

orange – orange

yellow – jaune

green – vert

blue – bleu

violet – violet

pink – rose

brown – marron

white – blanc

My dad – mon père

My mam – ma mère

My parents – mes parents

My brother – mon frère

My sister – ma sœur

My uncle – mon oncle

My auntie – ma tante

My grandad – mon grand-père

My grandma – ma grand-mère