Religious Education

Our aim at Peninsula East Primary Academy is to develop children’s understanding and curiosity about Religious Education. Through exploration of different religious beliefs and cultures children can broaden their spiritual awareness, discuss similarities and differences between faith as well as make links to their own beliefs and opinions. Our approach aims to nurture inquisitive minds that respect and tolerate people of all cultures, backgrounds, faith and beliefs.

From Reception to year 6, different faiths and cultures are celebrated in various ways through RE lessons, PYP inquiries, a ‘thought for the week’ and assemblies which include a weekly assembly from our local church leader, Reverend Gwilt. 

Our schools follow the Medway and Kent agreed syllabus for the teaching of RE which focuses on Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism. As children progress through school they learn about key celebrations, religious buildings, books, stories, ideas and opinions in a way that suits their age, understanding and development.

Click here to view/download the R.E. Programme of Study document